102 vaccines for Corona are under investigation

102 vaccines for Corona
Gilead Science Facility in California, Photograph: Gilead Sciences / Reuters

Scientists and companies in a number of countries are racing to find an effective vaccine to stop the spread of the epidemic, which has swept the world, amid WHO expectations that the Coruna virus will affect most of the population on the globe.

As part of this hectic race, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on its website yesterday that 102 of the potential vaccines for COVID-19 are under development worldwide.

It also indicated that 8 additional potential vaccines have been approved for clinical trials, in addition to 7 that was announced 4 days ago.

But it is unclear whether the new group of eight vaccines has already begun testing in humans.

Human experiments

In this context, CNN pointed out that among the groups that are approved for human clinical trials, 4 are from China, one is from England, and one is an American and the other is a US-European one.

It is reported that the United States was the first to launch a clinical trial on humans, by the American National Institutes of Health (NIH) on March 16.

This comes as a number of companies continue to announce that they are developing drugs to treat the virus, the most recent of which was announced by the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in the United States, Anthony Fuchi.

drug Remdesivir. Ulrich Perrey/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

Yesterday, Thursday, he said that Remdesivir, an anti-viral drug, had a pronounced effect in treating Corona patients. He said from the White House that "the data show that Ramsdevir left a clear, important and positive effect in reducing the recovery period" of the emerging virus patients.

He also explained that experiments have shown that "this drug can stop an enzyme, which the virus uses" for bullying and outbreaks.

The Fawcci Declaration is a new glimmer of hope. The drug was used in a large-scale study conducted by the American Institutes of Health, which included 1036 patients, in 47 locations in America, and 21 in Europe and Asia.

End of the year

As for when to announce one of these vaccines, some medical circles say that this will happen late this year, while some optimistic voices suggest that the vaccine will be revealed in September.

In this context, the head of the vaccines and vaccines sector at the American Pfizer Company for the Pharmaceutical Industry announced that the company hopes to produce between ten and 20 million doses of anti-Corona vaccine that it is currently developing in partnership with the German company (BioNetc) by the end of this year for emergency use. Depending on the results of the experiments.

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