100 deaths in america and more than 5 thousand infected with corona

100 deaths in America
Paramedics prepare to transport a patient in an ambulance at a health care center in Washington State (archive)
The number of deaths caused by the emerging coronavirus in the United States has increased to one hundred and the number of infected people has exceeded 5,000, according to the Washington Post, which said that the deaths focused on the elderly.

The newspaper tracked every known death in the United States and analyzed data provided by state health officials, victims' families, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The deceased had chronic health diseases, making it difficult for their bodies to fight the virus. Some of them also had diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure or pulmonary diseases, and almost all of them (about 85%) were over 60 years old. In addition, about 45% of them were over 80 years old.

It is unclear how some of them were infected with the virus, but more than a third of them lived in the nursing home when they became infected, as in the life-care organization in the Kirkland Center in Washington state, where 27 of the facility's 120 residents died, causing experts to worry. Corona's deep expansion into large parts of America.

More than 7 thousand deaths
It is noteworthy that the death toll from Corona in the world amounted to 7813 since its appearance in December, according to a toll conducted by Agence France-Presse according to official sources until 17:00 GMT Tuesday.

In addition, more than 189,680 cases have been recorded in 146 countries and regions since the beginning of the epidemic. These figures do not reflect the full reality, as a large number of countries have examined only those most in need of medical care.

Since 17:00 GMT Monday, 806 deaths and 14,159 new infections have been recorded in the world.

The countries with the highest number of deaths in 24 hours are Italy with 345 new deaths, followed by Spain (182) and Iran (135).

The total number of infections in China - excluding Hong Kong and Macao - was 80,881, including 3,226 deaths, while 68,869 patients recovered. It is reported that the epidemic appeared in China in December. And 21 new infections and 13 deaths were recorded in China between 17:00 GMT Monday and 17:00 GMT Tuesday.

Outside of China, 4,587 deaths by 17:00 GMT Tuesday (793 new) were recorded among 108,805 injuries (14,138 new).

The countries most affected by the virus after China are Italy (2,503 deaths, 31,506 infections), followed by Iran (988 deaths and 16,169 infections), then Spain (491 deaths and 11,178 infections), followed by France (148 deaths and 6,633 infections).

Since 17:00 GMT Monday, the first deaths from the virus have been recorded in Malaysia, Brazil, and Dominican. Benin announced that it was the first to monitor injuries.

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