WHO is studying reports of cases of Corona return to recoverers

South Korean lab to test Corona (event)

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that it is studying reports that some COVID-19 patients have had positive results again after they were negative and were about to leave the hospital.

On Friday, South Korean officials said that 91 patients who were believed to have recovered from the emerging coronavirus had tested positive again. Jeong Eun Kyung, director of the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told a press conference that the virus may have been "active again" but the infection has not spread to patients again.

In response to a question from Reuters about the report, the World Health Organization said in a brief statement: "We are aware of these reports that individuals have proven negative in COVID-19 ... The results of their examinations were positive again after a few days."

"We are in close contact with our clinical experts and are working hard to obtain more information about these individual cases. It is important to ensure that, when test samples are collected from suspected patients, the procedures are followed correctly," she said.

"Since COVID-19 is a new disease, we need more epidemiological data to draw any conclusions about how the virus is spreading," the organization added.

Relapse of the principle of immunity

Yesterday, South Korean officials stated that 91 patients who were believed to have recovered from the Coronavirus had tested positive again. The number of cases of this type increased in South Korea, where on Monday there were only 51 patients who were infected with the virus.

South Korean health officials said it was not yet clear what caused the trend, while tests and analyzes were still underway.

The possibility of re-infection is a concern of the world, as many countries hope that those who have become infected will develop immunity that will prevent the epidemic from reappearing.

Nearly 7,000 South Koreans have been cured of the virus caused by COVID-19.

Possible explanations

Kim Woo jo, a professor of infectious diseases at Guru Hospital at the University of Korea, said the number will increase and that the number 91 is just the beginning now. He considered that it is likely that there will be a "relapse" of patients without exposure to infection again.

For his part, other experts said that the results of the wrong tests may also be responsible for these cases, as they pointed out that the remnants of the virus can remain in the bodies of patients, but they are not contagious or dangerous to the patient or others.

"There are different interpretations and many variations," he said, adding that "the government must take action on each of these variables."

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