Israel freezes the purchase of Turkish medical equipment

Israel freezes the purchase of Turkish medical equipment
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Israel refused a purchase of medical equipment to tackle the new Coronavirus from Turkey after Ankara required similar aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

The Hebrew Channel 12 reported, this morning, Saturday, that Israel refused to complete the purchase of important medical equipment and supplies deal to combat the virus, "COVID 19" after it saw that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted to introduce similar medical equipment to Gaza, which means freezing the deal.

The channel explained on its website that although Turkey produces important medical equipment and supplies, which is the second in the world after China, and that these products were attempted by Israelis to buy them, but Israel froze the deal on the pretext that Turkey wants to advertise for itself, and Tel Aviv will not buy these supplies in this way.

The channel noted that this deal Israelis tried to purchase and not the Israeli government itself, however, the government refused to complete the deal, and it is on the way to freezing in Istanbul, although it is ready for shipment.

The "Bloomberg" agency, had confirmed, on Thursday evening, Thursday, that Turkey would send medical equipment and tools to Israel to combat the Coronavirus, in a "humanitarian" step.

The US agency stated that Turkey will provide Israel with medical equipment, including face masks, protective clothing, and sterile gloves, in order to contribute to fighting Corona, after years of cold relations.

She stated that it is not clear, until now, whether Israel will allow a similar shipment of Turkish medical aid to reach the Palestinian authorities without any obstacles, or not, as the US agency quoted the words of a high-ranking Turkish official in Ankara, that it was not possible to contact the Israeli authorities to comment on The extent to which Israel agreed or not, on the pretext that Israel was on the Jewish Easter holiday, which is an official holiday in the country.

The agency explained that the Turkish medical initiative comes as a humanitarian step, without knowing whether to pave the way for the return of relations between the two former strategic allies, or not.

In the same context, on Friday, Turkey sent medical aid to Libya, in order to reduce the spread of the new Coronavirus.

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