Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro Free

advanced systemcare 13.4
IObit Advanced SystemCare pro free

Advanced SystemCare Pro Free 13.4

It is an All-In-One program to maintain and protect your PC Advanced SystemCare depends on solving all your computer problems with one click to fix, improve and protect it, within one minute it solves on a clean computer of problems, so system-care is the strongest competitor on the ground.

Among the advantages of advanced SystemCare free 13:

registry cleaner      registry defrag privacy sweep
internet boost vulnerability fix shortcut fix
junk file cleaner security reinforce junk file cleaner
startup optimization    disk optimization software    system optimization software

advanced systemcare
advanced SystemCare pro free 13.4

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

The paid version of this program includes:

1- Strong protection programs

Unreliable program blocker    browsing data Clean
Digital fingerprint protection         Real-time protection

advanced SystemCare pro free download

2- Pro ToolBox

Some of the Advanced SystemCare tools need to be downloaded the first time you run them.

System Optimization        Security And Repair        System Clean       
Internet Booster Windows Fix Registry Cleaner
Smart Ram Context Menu Manager      Disc Cleaner

advanced systemcare pro
advanced SystemCare pro toolbox

3- Real-time protection

This tool protects your computer against hacked ads and real-time spyware. Through pregnancy in the background and without affecting your work. You can just enable it and forget it. It will automatically notify you once any threats are detected.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Real-Time Protection > check the box Enable Real-Time Protection as shown in the picture.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Real-time protection

4- Spyware Remove

This tool detects and removes deep and harmful programs, and protects your computer against various spyware and Trojans, tracking keys, bot mods, worms, hackers and viruses.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Spyware Remove > check the box Enable Full Detection as shown in the picture.

advanced SystemCare Spyware Remove
advanced SystemCare 13 Spyware Remove

5- Registry Clean

This tool scans the path through the registry to identify, suggest, and fix errors. Deep cleaning works on me The stability of the operating system by preventing Windows crashes and error messages.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Registry Clean > Check the Enable Deep Cleaning as shown in the box.

Registry Clean
advanced SystemCare free Registry Clean

6- System Optimization

This tool improves Windows completely for the performance of the integrated system and the fastest speed of the Internet by releasing the integrated strength of your system, depending on how you use your computer and configure the network. Integrated optimization technology can transform your computer into a business computer, a production workstation, an upgrade center, a gaming computer, and a scientific computing computer.

To activate this tool, you must enter the serial number. This will be explained below.

advanced SystemCare cnet
advanced SystemCare cnet System Optimization

7- Internet Boost

This tool speeds up the Internet by configuring how your device connects to the Internet and speeding up your Internet network to the maximum speed by improving the speed of the advanced Internet network

To activate this tool, go to Settings > Internet Boost > check the box to enable advanced network Optimization as shown in the picture.

advanced SystemCare 10
advanced SystemCare 10 Internet Boost

8- Security Reinforce

This tool reduces the risk of data forgery or system damage, attacks from hackers, viruses, Trojan, by improving system services, system configurations, and system strategies, which can be used, such as Windows remote control logs, remote access without using a password, And share hidden disks.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Security Reinforce > check the box for Deep Reinforce as shown in the picture.

Security Reinforce
advanced system repair pro download Security Reinforce

9- Disk Optimization

This tool accelerates defragmentation and smart drive data organization, to maximize software performance and communication of remote data, as it is a highly advanced and patented technology by IObit. The files are organized according to the date of their creation and modification. The theory is that files that have not been changed recently are less likely to change in the future, and the defragmentation improvement has put these old files into groups once, they are less likely to be moved again when defragmenting in the future.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Disk Optimization > check the Enable Optimization Defragmentation box as shown in the image.

Disk Optimization
advanced SystemCare 13 pro download Disk Optimization

10- Auto Care

This tool works to take care of the computer when your computer is idle, or you can specify the time when the addition starts to work as a daily schedule, and the tool enables you to determine the things that you want to clean.

To enable this tool, go to Settings > Auto Care > check the box to enable Auto Care as shown in the picture.

IObit Auto Care
IObit Advanced SystemCare pro-Auto Care

11- AutoUpdate

This tool automatically updates the advanced SystemCare either without notification or notification before the update process, or manual update. You can also choose between updating without a proxy, updating using an Internet Explorer proxy, or selecting a proxy only when connected to the Internet.

To activate this tool, go to Settings > AutoUpdate > Check the Enable AutoUpdate box as shown in the picture.

Update advanced SystemCare
advanced SystemCare free download AutoUpdate

12- Auto Ram Clean

This automatic memory cleaning tool runs in the background of the computer, improving the performance of the computer by intelligently managing system resources and detecting and disrupting inactive processes and programs at an automatically fixed frequency.

To activate this tool, go to Settings > Auto Ram Clean > Check the box to Enable Auto Ram Clean as shown in the picture.

advanced system Auto Ram Clean
advanced system repair free Auto Ram Clean

Download Advanced SystemCare Pro 

When you click on the download button, the program will be downloaded directly from the official website without re-directing. You will download the latest version of the advanced SystemCare free program. But after the installation process, you will activate the program via the activation key below, the program will be activated automatically, the premium version after setting the activation key. alert-info

advanced SystemCare key pro

Please leave a comment to help me continue. I need your support. alert-success

# Open SystemCare Key Pro Expiration date
1 4D8FC-C211B-92C2F-0BE4N 2020-09-24
2 1AECC-0AD49-E09B6-56644 2020-09-20
3 7A604-27CBE-A6E72-37144 2020-08-03
4 83AA5-9C9F0-6E351-25A44 2020-06-25
5 7A114-922B7-16F9B-03144 2020-04-29

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