Corona Dominated World Health Day In The Workplace

Corona dominates World Health Day
World Health Day

Concerns about the impact of the new Corona epidemic (COVID-19) have dominated events marking the International Day of Safety and Health in the Workplace, which is celebrated by the United Nations, on April 28th of each year.

The United Nations said on its official website, in its Arabic version, that the celebration of the International Day for Health in the Workplace will focus this year on combating the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace, especially the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 2003, the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) is celebrating Health Day in the workplace, and it is taking an occasion to emphasize prevention of various diseases and accidents in the workplace, by applying health and safety guidelines, which are constantly updated, according to what is being reported, from various countries. , On cases of injuries in the workplace of workers and employees.

Training center in disaster-stricken Italy

The International Labor Organization issued a set of guidelines in 2001 to develop occupational safety systems, confirming that these principles have become the most used model in developing health and safety programs, whether at the government administration or corporate level. And provided a total of assistance in this context, through the establishment of a training center on the health and safety system in the workplace, in the Italian city "Turin", which is now suffering under the effects of the Corona epidemic, like many countries in the world.

It is noteworthy that the recommendations of the International Labor Organization do not contribute to obstructing work, whether in the governmental or private sector, despite their strictness in some procedures, but they intend, through these programs, to prevent the spread of diseases and avoid injuries in the workplace, as a protection for workers And governments, alike, through tripartite cooperation between the state, employees and the private business sector.

Big challenge

The International Labor Organization has defined in the program to celebrate the World Day for Health and Safety in the workplace, what are the issues that will be focused on, such as working conditions, increased hours, and all working conditions related to migration, illegal employment, occupational diseases, and accidents, but the new Corona epidemic dominated various This year’s activities, according to the UN statement, dominate all other activities, especially with the need for the government and private business sector to continue production, while following the most extreme epidemic prevention measures.

The United Nations said in its statement: To stop the pandemic, safety, and health in the workplace, the rest of the lives. She highlighted what she described as the major challenge facing governments, employers, and workers, around the world, in fighting Covid-19.

Poisoning cases and injuries

It is noteworthy that, since 1925, the Agreement on Compensation of Workers for Occupational Diseases was approved, and the application of that agreement began in 1927, and its second article endorses the pledge of all members of the International Labor Organization, considering all diseases and poisonings that workers suffer in their workplaces as occupational diseases, including Incidence of anthrax infection, according to the table attached to the agreement, which specifies the list of diseases and toxic substances and the list of associated processes that have been classified as the pathogen described as diseases of the profession.

The year 1934 witnessed an update of the list of diseases classified by the United Nations, with professionalism, and the 1925 Convention was amended to add to it, tuberculosis, X-ray risks, and some types of cancer.

Corona affected 81% of the workers in the world

The International Labor Organization announced earlier in April that the Covid-19 epidemic had caused what it described as devastating losses in working hours and jobs, and expected heavy losses in various income groups.

She said that 81% of the global workforce will be affected by the total or partial closure of the workplace, after the measures to prevent Corona and limit its spread. The organization described the epidemic as the worst global crisis since World War II. She noted the need to adopt policies based on supporting companies, jobs, and income, stimulating the economy and employment opportunities, and protecting workers in the workplace.

Increased pressure on countries to ease the closure

The International Labor Organization, on Tuesday, in the context of covering the celebration of the World Day for Safety and Health in the Workplace, quoted the Director-General of the World Health Organization as saying: On the World Day for Safety and Health in the workplace, I invite all countries to ensure clearly defined, decent and safe conditions for all health workers.

The International Labor Organization urged governments to take measures to protect workers in the workplace to prevent COFED-19, stressing that a safe return to work, and after increased pressure on countries, to ease closure restrictions, requires an assessment of infection risks, and measures to reduce the risk of a virus outbreak, Reducing physical contact between employees, workers, and customers, improving ventilation, cleaning surfaces, and providing free protection.

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