Corona death toll rises to 3452 in Iran

Corona in Iran archive

An official at the Iranian Ministry of Health announced, on Saturday, that the number of deaths from the new Coronavirus in the country has increased to 3452 cases, while the number of infections reached 55,743 cases.

Iran recorded this increase in just hours on Friday, as Kyanosh Jahan Purfi, a spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Health, confirmed that the number of coronavirus deaths in Iran reached 3294 and 53,193 infections, so the announcement came today with increasing cases, which means that the outcome is constantly changing there.

International concern for prisons

Also in the context, a UN human rights official expressed his concern about the prisoners on Friday, after reports of disturbances raised by fears of a new outbreak of Coronavirus in Iran's prisons, which is one of the most affected countries in the world.

Iranian media reported reports of unrest in several prisons and a mass flight from a facility in the west of the country, despite the temporary release of about 100,000 prisoners to reduce prison overcrowding.

"As you can see in Iran and some other countries, we see riots, frightened prisoners, worried because of the great loss of contact with family members and so on. So there are issues," said Robert Colville, a spokesman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in an online press conference in Geneva. Too many related to this. "

It is noteworthy that the Iranian authorities released 83 thousand temporary prisoners from among more than 280 thousand prisoners across Iran due to the outbreak of the epidemic, but they excluded thousands of detainees and political prisoners, especially in Ahvaz prisons, despite appeals by the United Nations and international organizations.

Over the past few days, several regions have witnessed a series of unrest and rebellions in prisons, due to the fear of prisoners that the virus will spread after infection and the death of a number of them.

Two million Iranians have lost their jobs

On the other hand, the Iranian Red Crescent Society announced that it is scheduled to financially assist two million Iranians who lost their jobs amid the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, according to its acting president, Karim Hamati.

Hemty confirmed during a press conference on Friday that nearly two million people across the country have been identified who have lost their jobs and are not covered by state benefits or charities.

The affected Iranians also promised that they would soon receive aid worth two million riyals (about $ 12.5) per person.

According to my concern, none of the two million people does work in state departments and in institutions not covered by the Relief and Welfare Committee.

He also said, "The crisis of the coronavirus has affected a large number of vulnerable individuals, including daily paid workers and street vendors, and the Red Crescent Society will provide assistance to these people in the coming days."

Moreover, Hemty admitted that hospitals in Iran are suffering from a shortage of respirators, adding: "While the Ministry of Health urgently needs 2,000 respirators, charitable donors have promised to buy 100 respirators and 52 have been purchased so far."

Meanwhile, the Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rabei, warned that due to the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the new coronavirus, up to 400,000 people have lost their government jobs.

It is noteworthy that Corona has claimed thousands of lives in Iran, and some fear the high number of deaths inside the country, and Iran is the country most affected by the virus in the Middle East.

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