Tunisian President announces public quarantine

Tunisian President announces public quarantine
Qais Saeed announces the general quarantine in Tunisia

On Friday, Tunisian President Qais Said announced the public quarantine in Tunisia, in response to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

He said in a televised speech on official television: "There is no reason for panic or panic, and the state will provide all support to protect the Tunisians."

Saeed called on the Tunisians not to leave homes unless they are absolutely necessary.

He also stressed that movement from one city to another was prohibited, except in the necessary cases.

He explained that the state "with all its equipment" will secure all public utilities, noting that the food stores will remain open in order to avoid major gatherings and will be provided with the necessary food materials.

He also announced the closure of all major industrial areas.

Suspend recruitment operations

It is noteworthy that Tunisia resorted since Wednesday to a curfew at night, to confront the spread of this virus on its territory, as well as its air, land and sea borders, with the exception of maritime commercial flights, in addition to preventing gatherings and weekly markets, postponing cultural demonstrations, and imposing work on a one-quota system, with the aim of relieving pressure on Public transportation.

Qais Saeed announces the general quarantine in Tunisia
Tunis-Carthage International Airport Road

In turn, the Tunisian Ministry of Defense announced, Friday, the suspension of all operations and procedures related to recruitment until a later date, according to the official news agency.

The Ministry of Health also announced the monitoring of 15 new cases, which brings the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 54, amid expectations that it will double over the next week.

This is the largest infection rate announced in the past 24 hours since the virus began in the country.

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