The Saudi Embassy in Egypt issued instructions regarding Corona

The Saudi embassy in Egypt issued instructions to its citizens regarding Corona
The Saudi Embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt announced, to follow all preventive measures that protect them from infection with the Coronavirus, for Saudi citizens in Egypt, to stay away from crowded gathering places, commercial complexes, and to adhere to the instructions and instructions issued by the relevant Egyptian authorities to control and prevent the virus.

The embassy said in a statement today that it is a reference to the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to suspend flights to and from the Kingdom with all countries of the world,

And in the context of the strict precautionary measures that it takes to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), and based on the continuous inquiries received by the Kingdom's embassy in Egypt,

It requires Saudi citizens to remain in the residence and to avoid contact with others as much as possible while following the instructions issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population.

I also asked them to make sure to register their data with the Saudi Affairs Department via phone call, or the emergency number for the application (WhatsApp for the Corona epidemic) that includes the following information: (name - passport number - residence place - contact number - email),

This is for the purpose of contacting them later and informing them of any new developments related to the issue of suspension of flights or any other instructions.

The statement indicated that the Kingdom's embassy in Egypt has contacted the Ministry of Health and Population and the Egyptian competent authorities to determine procedures and arrangements for dealing with any suspected cases of Saudi citizens.

Whether inside the capital, Cairo or in all governorates, I hope our valued Saudi citizens will accelerate contact with them directly in case of any suspicion of the disease, to enable the embassy to assist them and arrange their actions immediately and urgently.

And on the following emergency numbers:




It is also possible to communicate through the WhatsApp application at the following number:


Health office number: 00201155168480

Embassy Central: 0020237625000

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