The government of Germany warns its people

The government of Germany warns its people
Warning for Germans: Keep separation spaces, or a curfew will be imposed
Government leaders and the health sector in Germany said Friday that the authorities may impose a curfew if the 83 million people do not commit to keeping separated distances between them to curb the spread of the Corona epidemic.

A spokesman for Angela Merkel said that the German chancellor will hold talks with state leaders on Sunday to determine whether citizens have complied with the official instructions to stay in their homes and avoid gatherings, according to "Reuters".

"They will conduct a careful analysis of the situation. And how people behave on Saturday will be decisive," Steven Seibert said at a press conference.

Health officials say that with the increase in the number of infection cases in the country, the epidemic is entering a stage of rapid spread, during which up to ten million people may be affected within three months if citizens are not examined.

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent in Germany reported earlier Friday that the number of recorded injuries rose to 15,320, an average of three thousand more injuries than Thursday morning, while the deaths reached 44, or 16 new deaths in one day.

On the other hand, Bavaria state said on Friday that it will impose general restrictions on citizens taking to the streets for two weeks from midnight.

"We will not close Bavaria, we will not isolate it, but we will completely stop public life in it," state Prime Minister Markus Zoder said in a televised speech.

While the city of Freiburg announced in the southwest of the country, it will impose a curfew from Saturday and Sunday, and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia may follow suit.

"If the citizens do not comply with the necessary level, then we will make this decision," said state prime minister Armin Lachit.

Germany has already closed schools, shops, and restaurants and has appealed to citizens to take responsibility for curbing the spread of the disease.

The government of Germany warns its people
Munich - France Press, 20 March

But the commitment of citizens was not enough with some people gathered in parks, playgrounds and cafes in towns and cities across the country over the past week.

On Thursday, German Defense Minister Ingret Krump Karenbauer announced that the army is making preparations to assist in efforts to deal with the Corona crisis or in the event that other civil institutions are under greater pressure to deal with the outbreak. "We are preparing for the worst-case scenario if too many people are injured, and we have the human resources to help," she said.

It also added that the army has already made contact with hundreds of medical reserve officers in the armed forces and the army will be able to protect critical infrastructure and distribute medical equipment and medicines if necessary.

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