The death of two brothers in Algeria due to Corona

The death of two brothers in Algeria
Algeria: the death of two brothers in Koruna, and the outcome rises to 11

The Directorate of Health in the province of Tizi Ouzou, east of the Algerian capital, announced today, Friday, a new death from the Coronavirus for a 77-year-old woman who died in Azfoun Hospital in Tizi Ouzou.

The Directorate of Health said that the victim was suffering from health complications and suffering from diabetes, bringing the number of deaths from the "Corona" virus in Algeria to 11 cases.

The Directorate of Health and Population in the El Oued Province, Algeria, today, Friday, the death of the second case infected with Coronavirus, the sister of the first deceased in the municipality of Al-Muqrin.

In addition, he called the director of health in the valley to not go to any citizen to pay solace to the family and not to approach the funeral home.

Algeria announced Thursday evening, new measures to stop the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, including the closure of cafes and restaurants in major cities, as well as the suspension of domestic flights from March 22 to April 4.

President Abdel-Majid Taboun decided "to stop all public and private mass transportation within cities and between states, as well as the movement of trains."

The measures also include "layoffs of 50% of employees and retaining only those employees who are necessary vital interests while keeping their salaries" and "layoffs of working women with young children".

The president’s decisions also stipulate that “cafes and restaurants in major cities are closed temporarily, and the market is set to fight scarcity by providing all necessary foodstuffs.”

These measures will come into effect from Sunday and will continue until April 4, and their extension is not ruled out, according to an official statement.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior was tasked with "tracking down the speculators" who might benefit from the Corona crisis to raise the prices of goods or monopolize them, and "take the necessary measures against them, including waxing their warehouses and stores, defaming them in the media and bringing them to justice."

Tabun said while presiding over a working meeting on measures to curb the spread of the epidemic, in which the Prime Minister and a number of ministers and security officials participated, "The picture will become clear to us before April 10 after the end of the quarantine period that will be subjected to the last returnees from the Algerian travelers who are not They are still stuck at some foreign airports and being deported consecutively. "

On Thursday, the last ship carrying Algerians docked at the port of Algiers before all borders were closed, a measure that would leave thousands of citizens stranded abroad.

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