The death of the first Tunisian case due to the Coronavirus

Medical procedures to confront Corona in Tunisia

Coronavirus ... the first death in Tunisia and Kuwait suspended the study until August

The Tunisian Ministry of Health reported, Thursday, that the first deaths in the country due to the new Coronavirus, after the total confirmed cases reached 38.

Sousse's director of health, Sami Al-Raqiq, confirmed that the deceased was a woman.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health announced earlier Thursday that it had monitored 10 new cases of the Coronavirus, the largest rate of infections announced since the virus began in the country, according to correspondent, Monia Ghanmi.

The Director-General of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases of the Ministry of Health, Nassau Ben Ali, told a press conference that out of the 10 recorded cases, 9 cases were imported and a local case, noting that there were 4 cases of a serious condition.

In another development, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported on Thursday that Kuwait decided to extend the suspension of studies in schools and universities until August 4 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Kuwait is the first Gulf country among its neighbors to impose such long leave in an effort to contain the virus.

Earlier Thursday, the health authorities in Kuwait announced the recovery of 3 new cases of people infected with the Coronavirus, bringing the number of people recovered to 18, while 6 new cases were recorded, bringing the number to 148 cases, including 3 critical cases receiving treatment in intensive care.

During the daily press conference of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, it announced the end of quarantine procedures for 574 cases, while the authorities there called on everyone to stay in homes and not to be in contact with others.

The new Coronavirus continues to spread in the Arab countries, and in the latest development, Iraq and Lebanon have recorded new infections with the virus.

The Lebanese "NBN TV" confirmed on Twitter, quoting the Ministry of Health, "16 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in Lebanon, raising the total to 149".

Lebanon had entered into isolation procedures, as air and sea navigation stopped and the land borders were closed to confront Corona. The Lebanese airspace was closed with the last plane landing at Rafic Hariri International Airport at midnight on Wednesday, in implementation of the government's decision to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

In addition, the Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed, on Thursday, the registration of 11 new cases of the virus, which brought the total number of infections to 177 cases.

In another development, a Palestinian government spokesman announced on Thursday that 3 new cases of the virus had been discovered in Ramallah and Nablus, raising the total death toll to 47 patients.

The Bahrain News Agency quoted the Civil Service Bureau as affirming the importance of activating work from home in ministries, government bodies and institutions by 50% starting from Sunday.

The Egyptian Prime Minister also decided to close sports and popular clubs, youth centers, restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, cafes, casinos, nightclubs, and commercial centers from seven in the evening until six in the morning until March 31 this month.

This comes as the Bahrain News Center reported on Twitter that 5 additional cases of coronavirus were recovered, and a total of 100 recovered cases.

In the context of the precautionary measures taken by the Arab countries to stop the spread of the virus, the decision to close the Jordanian capital, Amman, Thursday morning, came into effect as part of the plan to confront the virus.

The Jordanian Armed Forces announced, on Wednesday, that it will close Amman and all governorates and prevent movement between them, while allowing movement within them only for the absolute necessity, from this morning until further notice.

And the armed forces in its decision excluded persons authorized by the concerned authorities known to them and the security services and according to the nature of the work in order to maintain the daily life of citizens while asking citizens to follow all instructions at different times.

The decision to close comes after the activation of the defense lawyer in Jordan, to counter the Coronavirus.

In Sudan, the authorities announced the opening of the Khartoum airport 48 hours to receive stranded citizens, and the decision will allow the departure of nationals of countries stranded in Sudan, and the return of Sudanese stranded abroad who will be subject to health procedures.

The opening of Khartoum International Airport will start from today, Thursday, and end on Saturday.

Algeria announced that 10 new confirmed cases of Corona virus were recorded, bringing the total to 82, with two deaths from the virus recorded, bringing the total deaths to 8, according to Algerian "An-Nahar" channel.

Morocco stressed that the coming days will be decisive in the face of the Corona virus, and called on citizens to stay in their homes and not go out except in the case of extreme necessity.

The Moroccan Minister of Health said that his country has allocated 44 hospitals to receive cases infected with the Corona virus, with 32 medical centers to provide specialized medical consultations.

On Wednesday night, Morocco announced the registration of 5 new confirmed cases, bringing, on Thursday, the total confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country to 58.

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