The death of an Egyptian military commander infected with Corona

The death of an Egyptian military commander infected
Major-General Staff Khaled Shaltout, commander of the Egyptian army

Egyptian media broadcast an urgent statement on Sunday evening, announcing the death of Major General Staff of Khaled Khaled Shaltout, the Egyptian army commander with the Coronavirus.

The statement stated that the armed forces mourned with more grief and sorrow for one of its sons, Major General Staff of Khaled Shaltout, who passed away on Sunday, as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus, during his participation in the fight against the virus in the country.

The forces of the Egyptian army have carried out, over the past days, the cleansing and preventive sterilization of the Liberation Complex and a number of main squares, streets and subways, "Anwar Sadat, universities, government buildings, led by Parliament and the Council of Ministers."

Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai, the military spokesman, stated that, as a continuation of the general command plan of the armed forces for the prevention of the new Coronavirus, orders were issued to the specialized departments concerned with the implementation of cleaning and preventive sterilization of the Liberation Complex and a number of key fields and streets, installations and vital facilities surrounding the Tahrir Square that are frequently visited by large numbers of citizens.

He said that the disinfection kits were paid to carry out its preventive work in the liberation complex and the offices, roads, and elevators it contains in addition to the external interface of the complex and all the surfaces, floors and walls. Also, all preventive measures were implemented in the Anwar Sadat subway station and the offices and gates for entry and exit, sidewalks and parking spaces as well. It is a meeting place for all the metro lines operating in Greater Cairo, which witnesses a large number of users.

He added that the mobile and heavy sterilization and disinfection vehicles were pushed to the liberation fields, Talaat Harb, Abdel-Moneim Riad, the Opera, the vicinity of the League of the Arab States and the Omar Makram Mosque - as well as a number of main streets leading to Tahrir Square and the Qasr El-Nil Bridge, in order to perform preventive actions for these vital places.

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