Teleworking in Tunisian institutions until April 4th

Teleworking in Tunisian institutions until April 4th
Activating remote work in state institutions until April 4 in Tunisia

Tunisia announced the activation of telecommuting at state institutions until April 4 to prevent corona.

On Saturday, the Tunisian government announced extraordinary measures worth 2.5 billion dinars (850 million dollars) to protect citizens and economic institutions affected by the consequences of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

300 million dollars to help the workers

Prime Minister Elias El-Fakhfakh said, in a letter addressed to the Tunisians, that "the state will ensure the continuation of the salaries of workers and employees, and will allocate an amount of $ 300 million in aid for workers referred to unemployment, and will also ensure the allocation of exceptional funds of 150 million for the benefit of vulnerable and low-income groups And groups with special needs. "

To that, Al-Fakhfakh added that bank loan installments will be postponed for 6 months for those whose monthly income does not exceed 1000 dinars.

Regarding the institutions and economic activists working for the private account and those affected by the cessation of their activities due to SK, he affirmed that it was decided to postpone the payment of the payments for 3 months and to postpone the bank debt installments for 6 months.

Investment funds with 700 million dollars

He also pointed out that the government has prepared initiatives to preserve these institutions and contribute to the return of their activities, among them the creation of investment funds for $ 700 million to structure the affected institutions and to allow exporting companies entirely to raise the proportion of marketing in the local market from 30 to 50%, in addition to exempting institutions Which concluded public deals and hindered delivery as a result of the Coronavirus crisis from the sins of delay for a maximum period of 6 months.

Tunisia entered into a general quarantine, starting from Sunday, March 22, at six in the morning until April 4, in an attempt to contain the high incidence of the corona. Most public services will stop, except for the health and security sectors and the food system.

75 confirmed injuries

On Sunday, the Tunisian Ministry of Health announced the monitoring of 15 new cases of Coronavirus, which brings the total number of confirmed infections to 75 and recorded 3 deaths, as well as the discovery of a a hotbed of the virus, amid fears of reaching a catastrophic stage similar to the Italian scenario, in light of Expectations of an increase in the a number of injuries in the coming days.

The Director-General of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases of the Ministry of Health, Nassau Ben Alia, added, in a press conference, that a hot spot for the outbreak of the virus was detected in the tourist island of Djerba, southeast of Tunisia.

In this context, Ben Ali launched a wake-up call and called on citizens to commit to implementing the governmental measures that were announced, especially the public quarantine.

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