More than 14 thousand deaths around the world

More than 14 thousand deaths around the world
More than 14 thousand deaths around the world in Corona

About fourteen thousand and five hundred deaths were recorded in Corona, one third in Italy, according to the latest statistics.

The spread of the emerging coronavirus increased on Sunday after several countries announced new cases, which led to overcrowding in hospitals in some areas, the placement of an additional family, and an increase in much-needed medical supplies.

According to a toll compiled by AFP on the basis of official figures on Sunday, the new Coronavirus has caused the death of at least 13444 people in the world since its appearance in December.

More than 308,130 cases have been officially recorded in 170 countries since the outbreak began. This officially counted number reflects only part of the actual injuries, as many countries no longer examine only the cases that must be transferred to the hospital.

Since the last census, 1700 deaths, and 2,684 new cases in the world have been recorded.

In Switzerland, the Ministry of Health said it had registered more than 900 new cases of coronavirus from Saturday to Sunday, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 7014 and at least 60 deaths, up from 56 the previous day.

The province of Ticino, Switzerland's hardest-hit province on the border with Italy, recorded 918 cases and 28 deaths, according to Reuters.

On Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the spread of the Coronavirus in the country was "accelerating", while the British government asked 1.5 million people who live in the country and are considered the most vulnerable to the virus, to stay with their homes for 12 weeks.

Johnson's warning came amid growing debate about whether residents are taking seriously warnings of social divergence, and whether the government should impose greater restrictions.

The number of deaths in Italy that reported the first death from Covid-19 at the end of February was 4,825, to 53,578.

The Italian authorities announced that 6,072 people had recovered.

China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), where the virus appeared at the end of December, counted 81054 cases (46 new cases between Saturday and Sunday), including 3,261 deaths (6 new) and 72,244 people recovered.

The countries most affected after Italy and China are Spain with 1720 deaths from 28,572 injuries, Iran with 1685 deaths (21638 cases), France with 562 deaths (14459 cases) and the United States with 340 deaths (26,747 cases).

Since Saturday, Kosovo, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Romania, Chile, and Cyprus have announced the first deaths from the virus on their soil.

The first casualties were reported by Angola, Gaza, East Timor, Uganda, and Eritrea.

More than 14 thousand deaths around the world

And Sunday at 11:00 GMT, there were 152117 cases in Europe (7800 and two deaths), Asia 96669 cases (3479 deaths), the United States and Canada 28077 cases (359 deaths), the Middle East 24,656 cases (1710 deaths), Latin America and the Caribbean 4000 cases (49 deaths) Oceania 1,417 cases (7 deaths) and Africa 1193 cases (38 deaths).

This toll was based on figures compiled by the offices of France Press with the relevant national authorities and information from the World Health Organization.

Closures and curfews persist around the world, as attempts to contain an outbreak of infection before they overwhelm healthcare systems.

In South Korea, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that South Korea recorded 98 new cases of the Coronavirus today, bringing the number of cases to 8,897.

The daily total number showed a continuation of the downward trend in new infections despite a slight jump on Saturday.


India announced a 14-hour curfew on Sunday to curb the rapidly spreading Coronavirus in the country, where 315 cases have been recorded so far.

In a speech to the people, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Twitter just minutes before the imposition of the curfew was announced, "Let us all be part of this ban which will add a large force to combat the Covid 19 threat." And the steps we are taking now will help us in the coming days. "

The first death in Colombia

Colombia's Ministry of Health confirmed late Saturday night the first death from the Coronavirus, as this disease continues to spread throughout the world.

The ministry said the victim was a 58-year-old man who was working as a taxi driver in the coastal city of Cartagena. The ministry added that this man "transported Italian tourists in his car on the fourth of March and showed his first symptoms two days later." She said that the man was being treated for stress and diabetes.

This patient was first treated on March 13 and died three days later. The statement said that two tests to detect corona proved that he was not infected with the virus, but that one of them was taken incorrectly.

Tests showed his sister, a doctor who was treating him, and one of the people who had been riding in the car with him. Colombia has so far recorded 210 cases of the corona.

Halting productive activities

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Saturday night, Sunday, the suspension of "all productive activities" that are not considered necessary in terms of providing basic commodities to the population.

The first death in Colombia
Corona Paris Virus

On Saturday, Italy recorded a new record number of coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, amounting to 793, raising the total to 4,825 deaths in one month, according to civil defense figures. Italy, which witnessed the outbreak of the virus a month ago, is the most affected country in the world.

Also, the Italian authorities counted 6,557 new cases of the epidemic in another record number of concerns.

The Philippine Ministry of Health said on Sunday that the Philippines recorded 73 new cases of the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 380 cases. The Philippines also announced six new deaths in Corona, bringing the total number of deaths to 25.

In Panama, health authorities said Saturday that two more people have died of the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths from this virus in Panama to three.

245 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus in Panama as of Saturday, up from 200 on Friday, said Lourdes Moreno, general manager of Alam Epidemics.

And the President of El Salvador, Naguib Abu Kila, announced late Saturday night the imposition of a 30-day curfew in response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Two deputies suspected of being infected

In Afghanistan, on Sunday, ten new cases of HIV were recorded, while the authorities of the war-torn country imposed restrictions on the movement of civilians.

Afghan Health Minister Firozuddin Firoz said that 97 samples have been examined in the past 24 hours and the results often are positive.

He added that the total number of confirmed cases has risen to 34 and that there are two deputies among the suspected cases and their two samples are being examined.

Corona and religious gatherings

Malaysia deployed the army on Sunday to implement two-week restrictions on movement, while the country recorded the largest number of cases of coronavirus in Southeast Asia, most of which were linked to a massive religious gathering.

The country has reported nine deaths and 1,183 cases with the virus so far. Southeast Asia has recorded more than 3,200 confirmed infections overall, among other major foci of the disease in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

In a related context, an official at the Indonesian Ministry of Health said on Sunday that his country recorded 64 new infections and 10 new deaths from the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 514 and 48 to 48. He added that nine patients recovered, bringing the total number of recoverers to 29.

Romania .. and the first death

On Sunday, the Romanian government registered the first death of the Coronavirus in the country. The death case is for a 67-year-old man with late-stage cancer.

Romania has registered 367 cases of Coronavirus so far and declared a state of emergency on 16 March.

In the Czech Republic, data from the Ministry of Health showed that the number of infections with the Coronavirus rose to 1047 cases as of Sunday morning.
The ministry said it had registered 158 new infections on Saturday in the country of 10.7 million people. Six people recovered and no deaths occurred. Health workers examined 15584 people as of Saturday.

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