Italian hospital crowded with the injured

Italian hospital crowded with the injured
From Ferragamo in Italy (archive - AFP)

The Coronavirus was transmitted in Italy, especially in the northern Lombardy region, which on Friday recorded a shocking jump in deaths one day.

Many of the scenes broadcast by international agencies and foreign channels, in addition to the communication sites, showed tens or even hundreds of injured people stacked in hospitals, waiting for their fate, with the death toll in the country, to the point that two days ago the authorities pushed the army to Lombardia to transfer the bodies to Outside the area where there are no more graves for more dead.

Hospitals in Lombardy show scores of people infected with the epidemic lying in bed, helpless, and medical staff struggling to save a life from availability and luck.

The highest frequency of deaths in a day

This coincides with Italy recording the highest death rate of people infected with coronavirus in one day.

On Friday, Angelo Borelli, head of civil protection, announced 627 new deaths. The number of new infections also increased sharply, to 5,986.

This brings the new official number, the number of deaths to 4032, and 47021 cases.

The authorities explained that most of the people who died were suffering from chronic diseases before they were afflicted, such as heart or diabetes.

It is reported that earlier Friday, a medical source told Reuters that the number of deaths in the Lombardy region jumped by 380 cases in one day to about 2550, in the biggest increase since the emergence of the virus about a month ago in the most affected area of infection in Italy.

He also clarified that the number of new cases in the area that includes the city of Milan, the financial capital of Italy, increased by 2380, bringing the total injuries in Lombardy to about 22264.

Italian hospital crowded with the injured
From Italy (AFP)
The president of the Lombardy region had announced on Friday that the government agreed to deploy the army in its area to impose isolation in order to combat the spread of the virus, which is not slowing down there. "The request to employ the army has been approved, and 114 soldiers will be deployed throughout Lombardy ... This number is still very little but it is a positive step," Attilio Fontana told a news conference.

He added, without mentioning figures, that the infection continues to spread in Lombardy, which has the highest number of HIV deaths in Italy. "Unfortunately, we are not witnessing any change in the direction of the increasing numbers," he said.

In addition, Lombardia has asked the government to tighten restrictions already in place that include closing all non-essential business activities and banning public gatherings.

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