How to stop the spread of coronavirus?

Handwashing with soap
Wash hands with soap to avoid infection with the Coronavirus

  How to stop the spread of coronavirus?

Everyone should now know the Coronavirus that is spreading all over the world and that has reached the countries of the world and in every region, it is very scary especially if you look at social media but there are things we can all do to protect ourselves and in particular to help other people to No injury.

The first cases of coronavirus were in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019, they came from an animal source that we know is from the genetic sequence of the virus itself, we do not know which animal it was but it is possibly a wild animal and may have come from a market that was sold It has food.

If you feel unwell with any type of respiratory tract, symptoms that mean coughing and sore throat, for example, you should not go to the hospital, then you should stay at home and contact the relevant authority, whether you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, or any other country and someone will contact you And he tells you what to do.

Medical masks are actually not helpful in protecting yourself but they are not good for protecting others if you have a sore throat or fever and coughing and think you might be infected. The problem with masks is that the medical mask can be covered with the virus from outside and the virus may infect your hands.

If you put your hands on your eyes, nose, or mouth, you may become infected in this way, just as with masks that the virus can actually collect on surfaces can be on the hands of an infected person or on things you touch that need to wash your hands all the time as regularly as possible.

Experts say the best way to wash your hands is with soap and water and take 20 seconds to do so. If you cannot wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer instead. The UK government has told schools to stay open for reasons that we do not know.

It is possible that children are virtually unaffected by this virus, that the most common people at risk of this virus are the elderly and those who suffer from basic health conditions if the World Health Organization declares a pandemic, the U.S. government is likely to move to the next stage of response measures on An example would be to give Border Force greater powers so that they can detain people who arrive on a plane.

They obviously ask retired doctors to come and invite volunteers to help public services employees and the other thing that they would of course do is think about crowds and whether some of these people should be abolished.

There are currently no medications to treat people with coronavirus, we may get treatment for this but in reality, the only last way to prevent this coronavirus infection is through a vaccine, and that's what we really need and it will take about 18 months to get there because these things have to be tried on Humans and we have to make sure that it is completely safe and fully effective and may seem a long time but we may get some kind of comfort in the summer just as with the flu that this virus spreads among people nearby in the summer.

It is unlikely that some people would think sitting around the house or anywhere else for this matter that you can protect yourself by getting a pneumonia vaccine, unfortunately, this is against bacterial pneumonia and this is viral pneumonia so it will not work it is useful to have a vaccine Influenza But if this means that you will not get the flu, then you will not likely bear the burden of health service.

In order to get a vaccine, we just have to take a lot of reasonable measures to protect ourselves and most importantly protect the other people we know who are vulnerable because they are elderly or are in a state of enthusiasm in some way,

This includes washing your hands often, most likely it does not include shaking hands with people or kissing in the cheek, and this means staying home if you feel uncomfortable and certainly will not go to the hospital but I call first using the phone and I think you know we should get past this and certainly we will do it once they get this vaccine.

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