Fish move under the water of the Venice canals due to Corona

Fish move under the water of the Venice canals
Venice Channels

Because of Corona ... fish move under the water of the Venice canals after pollution has decreased. 

A video clip, taken of the water channels in the Italian city of Venice, documented the purity of the water due to the low pollution rates, which causes turbidity of the water and made seeing inside it more difficult, thanks to the emerging Coronavirus.

And the website "Sputnik" quoted from the British newspaper "The Independent", the video clip showing the swarms of fish under the surface of the water, while moving in an amazing and rare view, and it reflects some of the beauty of these water channels.


Corona is the reason for the purity of the water


It is noteworthy that countries that have been subjected to strict embargoes to stop the spread of coronavirus emerging unintended benefit, as the outbreak of the disease contributed, at least in part, to a significant reduction in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in some countries.

Likewise, pollution levels decreased for Italy, which became the epicenter of the coronavirus outside China. On March 8, when the number of cases increased in the country, Italy closed the northern Lombardy region, and two days later, the Prime Minister expanded isolation and quarantine to cover the entire country.

The concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere over Italy have declined dramatically, as happened in China, where analysis by the Washington Post found that the largest dramatic drop was observed in northern Italy, and in cities such as Milan, Turin, Bologna, and Rome.


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