Finally .. Find the antibody to the Coronavirus!

Finally .. Find the antibody to the Coronavirus!

South Korea

A team of researchers in South Korea has successfully found the antibody to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The team of the Integrated Research of New Viruses of the Korean Institute for Chemical Study said Wednesday that the antibody to neutralize SARS and MERS disease, the respiratory syndrome of the Middle East, can mix with spike protein for the new coronavirus, according to the South Korean Yonhap News Agency.

Spike protein is referred to as a protein that is used when the coronavirus penetrates cells into the body, and when the antigen is injected into the human body, a reaction occurs to manufacture the antibodies that provide immunity, and the antibody that blocks pathogens (neutralizing antibodies) is called.

The team expected the possibility of integrating the anti-SARS and MERS antibody with the new coronavirus, after confirming the similarities between the COVID-19 virus and SARS by analyzing the dielectric of the new corona, and the team's study is expected to contribute to the development of the antibody and vaccines to treat the new coronavirus.

The number of deaths in South Korea as a result of infection with the virus reached 32 cases as of midnight last night, 4 deaths more than the day before, and the number of those who lifted the quarantine authorities increased to 41, an increase of 7 persons who recovered fully, while the number of those who were tested The virus is 131,379 people.

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