Disneyland has stopped producing films

Concern about Corona hangs over the world ... and studios shut down

Disney has announced the suspension of production of a number of films whose map was produced in 2020 indefinitely, due to the spread of Virus Corona in the world, including the films "The Last Duel", "The little mermaid", "The Rings", and "Nightmare Alley", and other films

The producing company also announced the cancellation of the filming of the tenth season of the famous horror series "The Walking Dead", due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in the world. For an indefinite period until the end of the global crisis, co-starring Ilya Royal, Alexa Mansour, Annette Mahindor, and Hal Kempston.

HBO channel network, on its official page on Twitter, published the last trailer of the third season of the series "Fantasy and Science Fiction" "Westworld", hours before the launch of its first episodes, as it is starring Ben Barnes, Ingrid Bolso, Birdel and James Marsden.

The production company "Universal Pictures" announced that it stopped production and filming the movie "Jurassic park: Dominion", which was scheduled to be shown in the next year 2021, due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus, after filming a number of scenes of the film in London, and the film was a continuation of a series Dinosaur movies that have been very successful.

Production of the program "The late late show", presented by broadcaster James Corden, stopped with the list of television series that were suspended, due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, and that he had filmed one of his episodes recently in the studio without an audience to protect them, as announcer James Corden wrote, on His official page on Twitter, "We tried in various ways to complete the presentation of the program, but the best safe decision so far is to stop and follow more advice and instructions."

The filming of the famous American's Got Talent program, which was filming in Los Angeles, USA, was announced due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus emerging in the world, which was among the members of the jury: Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Hui Mendel, Heidi Klum .

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