Coronavirus ignites the prices of antiviral mask in Egypt

Coronavirus ignites the prices of antiviral mask in Egypt

rite aid surgical mask
A woman protects herself from the risk of coronavirus with a plastic box due to the high prices of antiviral mask

The announcement of the spread of the Coronavirus around the world coincided with an unprecedented demand for the muzzles market, which raised its prices exaggerated, and although Egypt has recorded only two cases that have been infected with the virus since its spread, the demand for muzzles has increased by 80% in less A month ago, as a precaution for many Egyptians, they feared an outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

With the high demand for the purchase of masks in anticipation of the transmission of the virus to the Egyptian street, prices have risen, according to traders told "Al Arabiya Net" rates of 90%.

Traders emphasized that the high turnout was not limited to the purchase of masks alone, but also extended to disinfectants and all preventive tools that they deem important to counter the Coronavirus.

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big quantities

During a tour of "Al" in Al-Kasr Al-Aini Street, which includes most of the medical supplies companies, to find out the prices of the most popular masks and types, Mohamed Othman, one of these supplies dealers, pointed out that the masks witnessed an increase in prices that had not seen before in just one month, Because of the panic over the transmission of the Coronavirus to the Egyptian street.

He added that the demand is not limited to Egyptians only, but many Asian, American and European nationalities are reluctant to buy large quantities of masks before they travel, fearing that there will be a shortage of these products in their countries, which are suffering from the spread of the Coronavirus.

He explained that China was one of the largest suppliers of muzzles in the world before the virus was released from its lands, and therefore many Asian countries in particular resorted to importing from Egyptian factories.

antiviral mask
antiviral mask

Rising prices

Mohamed Othman said that 3 types of gags are the most popular now in the Egyptian market, the lowest price of which is a muzzle of fabric with side ties and small holes for breathing, and it contains two or three layers of fabric, including the Egyptian and the imported, and it is the most popular due to its price, but its effectiveness is limited, In addition to that its use is limited to one day to the maximum extent, and the price of a single package reached more than 250 pounds after it was sold at 12 pounds less than 3 months ago, and the seller confirmed that the price of the box for merchants increases daily.

Othman explained that there is another type of the highest quality masks that contain an internal and external filter that is tightly protected American and that the price reached 1200 pounds per pack that contains only 20 masks and is used more in hospitals and clinics, because of its high quality, after the price was One pack does not exceed 200 pounds, or about 500%, so citizens resort to purchasing one-piece gags, whose price ranges from 5 pounds to 20 pounds per muzzle.

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Specific specifications

Mustafa El-Sayed, a medical equipment dealer, said that private and government hospitals, tourism companies, airlines, and medical and cosmetic clinics are the most popular masks, in addition to parents of private school students that have obliged students to bring masks daily during the school day and some of them require specific specifications for the muzzle.

He stressed that the gags market had not witnessed such a recovery in more than 4 years, especially with the import of goods stopping, which contributed to reviving the local manufacturing of Egyptian gags that are issued to all countries at present.

medical mask use
surgical mask use

For its part, the Medicines Division of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce stated that the prices of respirators witnessed an increase that had not been witnessed before, especially the mask that protects the dust from entering the respiratory system, and the mask that prevents viruses from entering the respiratory system, which increased by 90% of its previous price, where they are sold One muzzle is more than 22 pounds after its price did not exceed 10 pounds, while the Pharmaceutical Division confirmed that Egypt has sufficient stock in the local market.

In the comments, tell us what is happening in your country about purchasing an antivirus mask.

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