Corona vaccine in late summer

Corona vaccine in late summer
From China (Archives - France Press)

The Corona Virus is still advancing its battle throughout the world. While China is registering new and somewhat reassuring new numbers, the picture appears to be less optimistic around the world, with large numbers of injuries recorded daily and deaths soaring.

Countries and some companies and institutes for scientific research are racing against time to build a vaccine against Corona, which appeared last December and has so far claimed 11,000 victims worldwide.

Pollen next September!

In an interview with the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Qijian, he explained to Al that the complete victory is still far away, but he stressed China's success in besieging the virus, which the World Health Organization described last week as a pandemic. He also mentioned the vaccine that several countries are working on at the present stage.

"Chinese experts have started work on developing a vaccine for the virus after they have identified the genetic strain of it. This vaccine may come to light in September after they conduct severe tests" on it, "he said.

He also pointed out that "a team of Chinese and American experts and medical teams from other countries are working day and night to develop the vaccine, and there is a lot of progress in this regard after they have conducted the tests."

Corona vaccine in late summer
From China (Archives - France Press)
A common enemy of humanity

The Chinese ambassador stressed, "the importance of international cooperation and interdependence, because there is no limit to the Coronavirus, it is a common enemy of mankind, and international cooperation is required to develop preventive measures to eradicate it, which is emphasized by the World Health Organization and the United Nations."

Virus restriction and cordoning

To this, he said, "We have not recorded new infections locally in China in the past two days, and we have succeeded in restricting the transmission of the virus in Wuxi city, the capital of Wuhan province to other Chinese regions. We are still in an important stage to maintain this situation with the return of economic activity to China and the end of Citizens from the quarantine period. "

Victory stage

However, he warned, "against the spread of the virus inside China through cases that come from abroad, so we will not soon reach the stage of declaring victory over the Coronavirus."

And China announced that it had not recorded during the past three days any new local source of the virus, in a precedent of its kind since Beijing began counting the infections in January.

Ambassador Wang Kejian added, "This virus is new and we do not have experience in dealing with it. Therefore, we have put in place severe, comprehensive and effective procedures to deal with it, and after that, we shared our experience in dealing with it and with all countries and with the World Health Organization, and we have noted that there are different approaches and strategies for each country to deal with this." The situation, according to the developments of the virus. "

Corona vaccine in late summer
Man Wuhan (Frans Brush)
The stages of epidemic development vary between countries

Moreover, he stressed "the importance of benefiting from the experiences of each country in dealing with the virus and extracting lessons from what happened." "According to experts at the World Health Organization and in China, the stages of the development of the epidemic differ from one country to another, according to the measures taken to combat it. China, for example, has achieved great success in containing the spread of the virus inside it," he said.

There are no injuries to the Lebanese in China

The Chinese ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Qijian, also reassured that "there are no cases of corona among the Lebanese community in China as well among the Chinese in Lebanon," explaining that "since the virus spread, the Chinese and Lebanese governments have continued to intensify cooperation, especially in the field of exchanging experiences and coordinating procedures COVID-19 Prevention.

He also announced that "Chinese companies operating in Lebanon donated medical supplies, including devices for measuring temperature, and the Chinese government is ready to provide more in-kind assistance to the Lebanese government, and we are working to coordinate this issue."

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