Corona afflicts half a million people in the world

Germany - Corona

The number of people infected with Coronavirus around the world reached half a million infected, Thursday, while more than 15,000 deaths were recorded in Europe as a result of infection with Covid-19, and in total, 15,500 deaths were recorded in Europe, mostly in Italy (8165) and Spain (4089) The two countries most affected are Covid-19, as well as in France (1331). With 268,191 confirmed cases, Europe is the continent where the epidemic is spreading at the fastest pace.

Health care systems in Europe and New York have fallen under the burden of caring for the injured, with the death toll in Spain rising to more than 4,000.

And in America, an unprecedented $ 2.2 trillion economic rescue package to help companies, hospitals, and ordinary Americans get through the crisis has the approval of the Senate and is expected to vote in the House, Friday.

On the other hand, at least 2.8 billion people, more than a third of the Earth's population, are subject to severe travel restrictions.

General Enemy No. 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) chief, Tedros Adhanom Gebresus, has called the virus "the # 1 general enemy".

In the United States, where the death toll has risen to 1,050, with nearly 70,000 injured, the damage caused by the widespread economic shutdown is evident, as last week the number of people applying for unemployment benefits was more than four times the old record, which It was registered in 1982.

New York - Corona
New York - Corona

New York has emerged as a global hotspot for the virus, and New York Governor Andrew Como said that the infection doubles almost every few days, while the city's convention center has turned into a makeshift hospital, and the state has witnessed 350 deaths.

The rapid outbreak in Spain

As for Spain, it has become the most European country where the disease is spreading faster. On Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of approximately 8,600 new cases and 655 deaths, bringing the total number of cases to more than 56 thousand injuries and more than 4000 deaths - in second place after the death toll in Italy by about 7500.

In turn, Minister of Health Salvador Ella sought to reassure the Spaniards that government measures to slow down the virus were successful, and told Parliament that the increases were lower than in previous days, and "indicates a changing trend that makes us think we are entering a phase of stability."

Spain - Corona
Spain - Corona

Italian doctors pleading

In Italy, the Civil Protection Agency said, on Thursday, that the number of coronavirus deaths increased by 662 in one day, bringing the total to 8,165.

It also showed that the total number of confirmed cases increased to 80,539 from 74,386 in the largest number of new cases in one day since March 21.

The number of people recovering nationwide reached 10361, today, Thursday, from 9362 the previous day, but the number of those in intensive care increased to 3612 compared to 3489 the previous day.

Doctors and nurses are pleading with the Italian government daily to provide more masks, gloves and eyeglasses, and urged citizens to understand the importance of cumbersome social exclusion measures.

In contrast, Dr. Hans Klug, head of the European Office of the World Health Organization, noted that the rate of increase in Italy has slowed slightly.

He said officials hope to find out soon whether or not the closing procedures in many countries have succeeded.

Germany's injuries exceed 39 thousand

Germany had a large number of injuries exceeding 39,000, but only 222 deaths - which were widely attributed to early and aggressive tests, among other factors.

As Lothar Vellier, head of the German Robert Koch Center for Disease Control, said Thursday that the country now has the capacity to test 500,000 people a week, possibly the largest in the world.

In addition, European Union leaders met today, Thursday, in their third summit in three weeks, as they struggle to contain the spread of the virus and manage its economic impacts.

Withstand process

With the death toll in Europe rising to more than 12,000, Spain has prolonged a state of emergency that will allow it to impose wider closures, while French President Emmanuel Macron launched the "Operation Resilience", backed by the military, to fight the epidemic.

As France began to evacuate injured citizens from the "Alsace" region, which is spreading disease, in the northeast of the country using a special high-speed medical train, described by the Minister of Health as "the first in Europe."

Britain also ordered to equip 10,000 respirators to deal with the Covid-19 disease crisis in cooperation with engineers from Dyson, and the government wants to increase the number of ventilators it has from 8,000 to 30,000.

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