Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia announces a cure for Coronavirus

Saudi Arabia announces a cure for Coronavirus
Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia announces a cure for Coronavirus

Chen Wei Cheng, China's ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said on Twitter's official embassy account that a vaccine for the Coronavirus, which was developed by an academic team, Chen Wei, had passed the review of clinical research.

He emphasized that in accordance with international standards and local regulations, preparations were made to achieve the safe, effective quality of vaccines that could be controlled and produced on a large scale.

On Tuesday, official Italian information said that an effective treatment had been reached to combat the emerging coronavirus. And the official Italian agency ANSA reported, quoting the director of immuno-oncology at the Pascal Hospital in Naples.

Dr. Paolo Assiterto, that «the commonly used arthritis drug« Tocilizumab »has shown excellent results in the treatment of coronavirus, calling for a national protocol for its extensive use in treatment.

He added that the drug showed that it is effective in pneumonia caused by the Coronavirus, setting the example for a number of patients who are discharged after recovery after the use of this drug, according to «Al Arabiya»

The drug official in Italy mentioned during the press conference today, Tuesday, this drug, and said that Italy has started circulating it in treatment places.

US President Donald Trump said earlier that his country had started testing the first vaccine to counter the emerging coronavirus, and that it was developing treatments to relieve symptoms. He added, "We are doing our best to confront Corona, and the vaccine is still in its clinical stages. The results are promising." "We will try to get rid of Corona by the eighth month of this year," he added.

In turn, the Chinese authorities announced, today, Tuesday, the use of the first vaccine for the Coronavirus in clinical trials. The competent authorities of China indicated that it was officially permitted to start clinical tests for the first vaccine installed in the country against the emerging coronavirus «COVID-19».

"A team of researchers led by academician Chen Wai has allowed the start of clinical tests," said Chinese Central Television.

And the US Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, revealed the discovery of a vaccine "potential vaccine" that had been developed by American doctors. Pointing out that Washington will start testing the vaccine in the first stage of the clinical trials, and the vaccine called "MRNA-1273".

Forty-five volunteers participating in his test received his first dose, in an effort to confirm the possibility of harmful side effects, and it is not expected that these participants in the vaccine experience will show any symptoms of the disease who are supposed to take these experiments while they are healthy.

The new Coronavirus will not be transmitted to volunteer participants in these trials between the ages of 18 and 55, because the dose to be tested does not include any trace of the "COVID-19" virus,

In the event that the American safety testing experience is successful, i.e. if it turns out that the vaccine does not lead to undesirable side effects, the development of the vaccine will require about a year or perhaps a year and a half to obtain a vaccine that can be used widely, according to information reported by a director American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fossey.

The experiment is funded by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, which is being conducted at the Kaiser Permanent Health Research Institute in Seattle, the capital of Washington State, which has the majority of deaths in the United States, caused by the emerging coronavirus.

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