China decides to try the first vaccine for Corona

China and Corona
China decides to try the first vaccine for Corona

In the context of the race between countries to reach a vaccine that eliminates the epidemic, which was described by the World Health Organization yesterday as the worst health crisis facing the world, China approved Tuesday the first test of the Coronavirus, according to official media.

According to a report in the People's Daily of the Communist Party, China authorized clinical trials on the first vaccine it developed to fight the emerging corona.

The report also added that the research team is led by Chen Wai of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in China.

Experience in Washington

This comes hours after US President Donald Trump announced that "a vaccine against Corona is still in its clinical stages and the results are promising."

He added: "We will try to get rid of the Coronavirus by the eighth month of this year," noting that "Corona may continue until July or August."

Yesterday, researchers from the Kaiser Research Center in Washington began experimenting with 45 people, giving them two doses for two months. "We are the Corona Virus Team now. Everyone wants to do what they can in this emergency situation," said Dr. Lisa Jackson, who oversees those tests.

The director of the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fawcci, noted that these tests "are the beginning of a series of studies and research, which, if the researchers go, will be available in a period of 12-18 months."

A US official had earlier told the Associated Press that the first test dose would be revealed as a possible vaccine for Corona. The official, who asked not to be identified, added that the first participants in the clinical trial will receive a trial vaccine.

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