Arab and international countries call in armies to combat Corona

Arab and international countries call in armies
Arab and international countries call in armies to combat Corona

The spread of the new Coronavirus «COVID 19» prompted the countries of the world to use armies and security forces to impose strict measures to restrict movement in the streets and to start sterilization and disinfection of public facilities, in order to contain this epidemic, which is spreading very quickly.

The Jordanian King Abdullah II announced the application of a state of emergency in the country to counter the Coronavirus in parallel with the implementation of the National Defense Law, and this decision will prohibit roaming in public places in Jordan starting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the King of Jordan said that he approved the law to help fight the virus without prejudice to the political and civil rights of citizens, while the French authorities announced the implementation of a comprehensive quarantine in various parts of the country, in order to surround the epidemic that affected thousands in the European country.

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that his country would ban unnecessary movement for 15 days and urged French citizens to show a spirit of solidarity.

Macron announced the deployment of the army in the affected areas of Corona, adding that a military hospital will be established in Alsace, in the north of the country, according to «Sky News».

Macron waved tough sanctions against anyone who breached these restrictions on movement and stressed that France is fighting a healthy war to prevent further casualties.

In neighboring Switzerland, the commander of the army, Viola Arnid, announced that her country has decided to mobilize approximately 8,000 soldiers so that they are ready to assist the authorities in dealing with the epidemic.

The Swiss authorities declared a state of emergency throughout the country, and ordered the closure of all restaurants, bars, and places of worship, with the exception of pharmacies, basic goods stores, and health facilities.

As for Spain, which has become the fourth country most affected by the virus, it resorted to the army and police to impose a quarantine, and documented several video clips, as they called on the citizens of the street to return to their homes and stay there.

Countries have increasingly resorted to armies to cordon off the Coronavirus, implement preventive decisions by governments, or because medical interests alone could no longer fulfill their purpose in confronting the virus.

In the Arab countries, forces from the Jordanian army took to the streets, the entrances and exits of the cities, in order to curb the Corona epidemic that has afflicted dozens of people in the country so far.

The Jordanian government announced that it would ban every gathering of more than 10 people, and prevented leaving the homes except in the case of extreme necessity, in order to avoid further injuries.

In the same vein, the Egyptian army raised its willingness to deal with the Coronavirus, through training for its elements, while the chemical weapons forces carried out sterilization operations in a number of places in order to prevent the virus.

Since the virus first appeared in China, late last year, this Asian country used military and police forces to fight the disease, for months, and provided a role model for countries that recorded widespread infections later.

And law enforcement elements made sure to compel people to stay inside their homes or to move as permitted, especially after imposing a large quarantine in cities inhabited by millions of people.

Experts believe that these strict measures paid off in China, and the result is visible to all, at the present time, after the epidemic receded and the daily number of new injuries and deaths decreased.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that the head of the New England Institute for Complex Computational Systems, Yanir Bar-Yam, had taken the tough measures China had taken and had used law enforcement elements, that had helped the epidemic recede within three months.

The researcher cautioned that not resorting to these difficult procedures makes the situation worse in the future, especially since the United States recorded thousands of injuries, similar to most countries in the world.

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