All you need to know about Coronavirus developments


⌾happening now: All you need to know about Coronavirus developments

5:13 AM
South Korea announces 107 new cases of coronavirus, out of a total of 8,000 cases

4:22 AM

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus in the country increased to 93 after 13 new cases were registered on Friday.

3:30 AM

Mauritania records the first infection of a corona with a foreigner

12:25 AM

Washington summons the Chinese ambassador, on charges of coronavirus

12:20 AM

The New York Stock Exchange achieved gains exceeding 9% after 3 consecutive days of record losses

11:35 PM

Trump declares a state of emergency in the face of the new Corona epidemic

11:30 PM

Cyprus denies entry to non-residents for two weeks due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus

11:20 PM

The Tunisian Ministry of Health announces the registration of 3 new confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus, bringing the total number of people infected in Tunisia to 16 cases so far

10:55 PM

Moroccan authorities decide to close schools from next Monday until further notice

10:35 PM

Poland closes its borders to foreigners due to the Coronavirus

10:25 PM

Denmark officially closes its borders to foreigners

10:18 PM

79 deaths in Corona, France, and 800 new injuries

10:13 PM

Tunisia: Closing the borders by land, sea, and air, maintaining one trip per week with Egypt, closing all schools and kindergartens, and suspending congregational prayers in mosques

10:10 PM

Saudi Ministry of Health: recording 24 new infections in Corona

10:05 PM

The Danish Prime Minister announces the closure of the borders temporarily because of Corona

09:50 PM

The Iraqi Ministry of Health: 10 new cases of the corona, and added that recoveries from Corona amounted to 24 compared to 9 deaths

09:45 PM

Matches postponed in CAF Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers

09:41 PM

AFP: From Monday, Russia will reduce its flights to the European Union to avoid the Corona epidemic (government)

09:35 PM

Najaf records a death from Corona for a 65-year-old man

09:25 PM

Mexico postpones Guadalajara International Film Festival due to Coronavirus

09:15 PM

The Eiffel Tower has been closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus

09:00 PM

250 new deaths in Corona, Italy, in record number, within 24 hours

08:57 PM

London Marathon postponed to October 4 due to coronavirus

08:50 PM

Turkey suspends flights with 9 European countries after recording 5 cases of Coronavirus

08:39 PM

AFP: Louisiana is the first US state to delay the primaries for Democrats because of Corona

08:22 PM

Scotland records the first death from the Coronavirus

08:20 PM

Corona deaths in northern Italy jump to 890

08:19 PM

The Brazilian president declares that he is not infected with the Coronavirus

08:15 PM

Kuwaiti Minister of Interior: directing the security men to prevent gatherings in the waterfronts and other places to ensure the safety of all and by the instructions of the Ministry of Health, and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information appealed to citizens and residents to stay in their homes due to the Coronavirus

08:05 PM

The US President: Goes to declare a national emergency within hours

08:04 PM

WHO: Europe is the "new focus" of the global Covid-19 epidemic, adding that the experience of China, South Korea, and Singapore shows that there are steps that can help contain the Coronavirus

07:38 PM

French Presidency: Macron proposes to tighten border controls in the European Union following the new Corona

07:30 PM

French presidency: G7 extraordinary summit via video on Coronavirus

07:25 PM

The Louvre in Paris closes its doors until further notice due to the Coronavirus

07:10 PM

The Sultanate of Oman announces the suspension of the granting of tourist visas from the 15th of this month for 30 days

06:45 PM

Pakistan decides to close its border crossings and limit air traffic for 15 days due to the Coronavirus

06:35 PM

Boston Marathon to be postponed to September 14 due to concerns over the spread of Corona

06:20 PM

The number of coronavirus infections in the United States increased to 1832 and deaths to 41

06:07 PM

The number of infections with the Coronavirus in Britain rose to 798 cases

06:05 PM

Germany announces that it will close schools in most regions of the country

05:31 PM

Lebanese Ministry of Education: Study suspension continues until March 22

05:28 PM

The Jordanian government announces the suspension of flights with # Egypt from Monday

05:26 PM

Corona deaths in Spain increased to 120, and injuries to 4209

05:25 PM

Russia: Corona Injuries increased to 45 after 11 new cases were registered

05:23 PM

Italy's bike tour was postponed indefinitely due to Coronavirus

05:22 PM

Austria suspends flights with France, Spain, and Switzerland due to Coruna

05:20 PM

Ukraine closes its borders to foreigners due to the Coronavirus

05:19 PM

Jordan announces that it is free of coronavirus after the only person who has recovered from the virus recovers and leaves the hospital

05:15 PM

The US Treasury: Corona's Impact on the Economy is a short-term issue

05:14 PM

The Kurdistan region of Iraq prohibits wandering in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah for 48 hours

05:13 PM

Corona injuries in the Netherlands increased from 614 to 804 and 5 deaths

05:12 PM

Sudan announces the discovery of the first case of coronavirus for a man who died yesterday

05:00 PM

Spain declares a state of emergency in the country to counter the Coronavirus

04:58 PM

Spain declares a state of emergency in the country to counter the Coronavirus

04:45 PM

The Ohio health official talks about 100,000 possible cases of Covid-19 in the state

04:45 PM

20 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Kuwait, increasing the number of infected persons to 100

04:40 PM

Bahrain Formula 1 race postponed due to SK

04:35 PM

Because of Coruna ... FC Barcelona announces freezing of its activity indefinitely

04:32 PM

Vietnam Formula 1 race postponed due to SK

04:30 PM

Close restaurants in Madrid's Municipal Square

04:25 PM

Tunisia imposes medical isolation for 14 days on all arrivals due to the virus

04:22 PM

The Iranian army calls for the evacuation of streets due to Corona

04:22 PM

Morocco suspends air and sea flights to and from France

04:20 PM

Air Algerie announces a reduction in its flights with France and suspends air traffic between Algeria and Spain

04:20 PM

Bulgaria bans travel to Iran, Spain and South Korea

04:20 PM

The number of coronavirus deaths worldwide exceeds 5,000

04:18 PM

European Union: We cannot stop the virus, but it must slow its spread

04:15 PM

France prevents gatherings of more than 100 people because of Corona

04: 015PM

Greek Olympic Committee cancels Olympic torch relay inside the country

04:10 PM

Kenya records the first case of coronavirus

04:08 PM

The American authorities in Washington DC decided to close schools starting next Monday to prevent the spread of Corona

04:05 PM

The German Football Association proposes to cancel the matches next week

04:00 PM

UEFA announces the postponement of all the Champions League and European League matches

03:35 PM

Iraq prohibits the travel of citizens between governorates from March 15 to 25 to limit the spread of Corona

03:30 PM

Belarus announces 27 cases of coronavirus infection

03:25 PM

Statistics for the French Agency: The number of deaths of the Coronavirus in the world to 5000

03:20 PM

The Czech Republic closes its borders completely to foreigners starting on Monday

03:18 PM

Bahrain .. 4 new infections registered in Corona, bringing the number to 166

03:00 PM

Iran announces 85 additional deaths in Corona, which raises the toll to 514

13:42 PM

The Brazilian President requests the postponement of demonstrations in support of him due to the emerging Coronavirus

12:11 PM

Mount Everest climbing licenses suspended due to Corona epidemic

11:26 AM

Australian Home Minister announces infection with Coronavirus

11:21 AM

Major New Polynesian Festival canceled

10:40 AM

Kenya announces the registration of the first infection with the Coronavirus

9:30 AM

Turkey announces a second infection with the Coronavirus

8:55 AM

Singapore advises its citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to Italy, France, and Spain due to the outbreak of Coruna virus

8:50 AM

Thailand's Ministry of Health records 5 new cases of coronavirus

8:10 AM

Ghana and Gabon report the first cases of coronavirus

7:45 AM

English Premier League club Chelsea announced the infection of young Hodson Udoy with the Coronavirus

7:16 AM

China reports 8 additional cases and 7 new deaths from the Coronavirus

6:45 AM

Diplomatic sources announced that medical examinations showed a diplomatic infection from the Philippines Mission to the United Nations with the new Coronavirus, thus becoming the first recorded infection at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

6:08 AM

Canada announces the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with the emerging coronavirus

5:45 AM

South Korea announces 110 new cases of coronavirus

5:16 AM

Washington State announces 91 new cases of coronavirus

4:15 AM

Saudi Health: 17 new cases of coronavirus were recorded

3:40 AM

The arsenal football team will be isolated after coach Artita injured Coruna

1:30 AM

Saudi Arabia decides to suspend celebrations in wedding halls, rest houses, events halls and hotels to prevent the spread of Coronavirus


Germany reports more than 800 cases of coronavirus within 24 hours


The Algerian Ministry of Health announces the registration of the second death due to HIV, which brings the number of infections to 26


Macron: suspension of studies in the country starting next Monday French President: We ask companies to encourage their employees to work remotely similar to what the ministries are doing, Macron: we are still at the beginning of the crisis because of Corona and the virus is spreading in Europe


Churches in Rome closed until April 3rd due to Coronavirus


The outcome of the AP: more than 130 thousand cases of coronavirus in the world


Reuters: Iraq stops flights to India and Lebanon due to Coronavirus


Egyptian Health announces 13 new cases of Coronavirus


Iranian media: Ali Akbar Velayati, Khamenei's adviser, has been infected with the virus


White House: Trump does not need a medical examination after meeting with a Brazilian official who was later confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus


Moroccan-Spanish agreement to suspend flights between them because of the Coronavirus


Sudan stops issuing airline visas and services to 8 countries, including Italy, due to the Coronavirus


The Saudi Foreign Ministry: The Saudi-African and Arab-African summits were postponed due to the Coronavirus


Wam: The General Authority for Sports prohibits training and competitions for athletes aged 18 years or under until further notice and prohibits the mass attendance at all sporting events held in the UAE


WAM: The UAE Ministry of Health announces the recovery of 3 new cases of people infected with the Coronavirus


British Prime Minister: This is the worst health crisis we are experiencing in the current generation and things may get worse


AFP: The number of coronavirus deaths in Italy exceeds one thousand


IATA is calling for emergency measures by air carriers after Trump's decision on the travel ban


The United Nations cancels all activities due to the Coronavirus


The Committee for Follow-up of Governmental Work in the Gaza Strip: Preventing individuals from traveling through crossings until further notice except for the cases necessary to limit the transmission of the Coronavirus


Turkish presidential spokesperson: President Erdogan postpones all foreign visits due to Coronavirus


Turkey suspends schools one week and universities 3 weeks due to Coronavirus


The Prime Minister of Canada in isolation and his wife are being tested for the Coronavirus


Trump: Britain is excluded from the travel bans to and from Europe because the British government is taking good action on the Coronavirus


The President of Brazil was placed under surveillance for fear of infection with the emerging coronavirus


The Lebanese government decides to release the loan provided by the World Bank intended to equip government hospitals to deal with the new Corona epidemic


American Media: The building of the Congress was closed until April 1 due to the Coronavirus


The Netherlands announces the abolition of all public events involving more than 100 people due to the Coronavirus


American Media: The building of the Congress was closed until April 1 due to the Coronavirus


The Council of Senior Religious Scholars in Saudi Arabia said that he who feared harm to himself may refrain from praying in congregation, adding that the isolated person should refrain from praying in congregation, and the organization prohibited praying in the congregation on a person with coronavirus, and the organization called on those who are isolated due to corona to avoid praying in congregation


The number of coronavirus deaths in Britain rose to 10 cases


US Central Command: Coronavirus makes Iran more dangerous


The President of the Philippines orders the closure of the capital, Manila, due to Coruna


AFP: Iran records 429 deaths and more than 10,000 cases of coronavirus


Azerbaijan decides to extend the closure of its borders with Iran for an additional two weeks due to the Coronavirus


The Supreme Committee for Dealing with Corona in the Sultanate of Oman: Stopping all tourist visas for all countries. Attending court sessions is limited to those involved in cases only. Stopping all sporting activities in the Sultanate. Stopping entry of tourist ships to the Sultanate’s ports.


The Lithuanian government decides to close all schools and universities for two weeks due to the Coruna virus


The Czech government declares a state of emergency to counter the spread of the Coruna virus


Slovakia decided to close international airports and stop ground transportation services to prevent the spread of the Coruna virus

16: 39

Saudi Ministry of Health: confirmed and confirmed cases in the Kingdom of Coronavir 45 in the Kingdom

16: 34

Spain: the number of people infected with corona jumps to 3 thousand and deaths to 84


Bahraini Ministry of Interior: Iran violated international laws and customs by not stamping passports for entry and exit of Bahraini citizens, and added that Iran allowed this behavior to transfer a dangerous virus abroad.

The UAE announces 11 new cases of coronavirus that have been quarantined and linked to travel abroad

-15: 15

An official announcement of the status of Real Madrid in quarantine because of Corona

-15: 07

Spanish media: stopping La Liga football matches

14: 55

The injury of a Real Madrid basketball player in Corona imposes a ban on football and basketball players

14: 48
Iran announces 1,075 new cases of coronavirus and raises the number of deaths from the coronavirus to 429

A Spanish minister has been infected with the Coronavirus and all government members have been tested


Lebanese media: the third recorded death of a person infected with the Coronavirus in Lebanon

Official Radio: The first death of the Coronavirus in Algeria
Algeria recorded the first death from the Coruna virus on Thursday, official radio reported, without any increase in the 20 confirmed cases so far, mostly in the city of Blida.

11: 48

Kuwaiti Health: 75 cases receive corona treatment and 5 cases of coronavirus have been cured

11: 50
The Indian Ministry of Health announces that the number of infections with the Corona Virus has risen to 73

The announcement of the first death of coronavirus in Greece for a 66-year-old man
China's Hubei Province, the epicenter of Corona's spread, announces the start of lifting production restrictions and easing travel restrictions for some regions


The United States advises its citizens not to travel to foreign countries due to the Coronavirus

- 6:20

Actor Tom Hanks announces that he and his wife are infected with Coronavirus in Australia

-5: 00

American basketball league suspended after infection with Coronavirus

    NBA To Suspend Season Following Tonight's Games


Record new cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia .. and stop flights to some countries


Paris Saint-Germain fans challenge Corona outside the Parc des Prince stadium

    The authorities prevented them from attending the match, fearing the outbreak of Corona, so they gathered in front of the stadium

-3: 10

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announces the healing of 27 cases of the Coronavirus
01: 42

15 new deaths from the Coronavirus in France and the high number of infections

04: 01 -

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the closure of all stores throughout the country except for those that sell food and pharmacies, in an unprecedented measure to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, which is emerging in the country.

09: 00-

The UN Secretary-General urges all governments to "strengthen" their fight against the Coronavirus

07: 00-

US President Donald Trump suspends "all flights from Europe" to the United States for thirty days in an attempt to stem the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.

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