A doctor confirms his condition after suffering from corona

Doctor Bill Tong Chen

On Twitter, a doctor from Spain wanted to share his experience of fighting the Coronavirus after he was infected with it, from a colleague working in the same hospital.

For days, Yil Tong Chen, who works at La Paz University Hospital in Spain, published on his Twitter account, his health, especially by publishing pictures of the x-ray examinations of his lungs on a daily basis.

On top of the x-rays, which he used to explain briefly daily, he was revealing his health.

In a television interview, the young doctor explained that on the first day of his life he had chills, sore throat, a strong headache, and a slight rise in temperature. On the second day, he felt a slight fever and suffered from some coughing and diarrhea, but the headache faded.

On the third day, he started to feel some improvement, adding that the x-rays showed that he had pneumonia.

The doctor indicated that the infection may have been transmitted to him from one of his colleagues in the hospital, who did not show symptoms of infection at the time, calling on everyone who has symptoms of the disease to avoid communication with others. He explained that he will perform the tests again when the symptoms disappear, and if the result is negative, he will return to his work in the hospital.

The last tweet

In his latest tweet on Monday, the eighth day of his injury, Yale released a ray of lungs for his lungs, confirming that his cough had decreased, as was feeling tired.
He also explained that he does not yet feel any shortness of breath, nor a fever

In addition, he stressed that the left lobe is much better off.

It is noteworthy that the death toll from the Coronavirus, which the World Health Organization described last week as a pandemic or pandemic, exceeded seven thousand people in the world after Italy announced 349 new deaths in one day, according to an AFP tally based on official sources on Monday at 17:00 GMT.

Seven thousand and seven people died in the world, with 175 thousand and 536 injuries recorded. The largest number of deaths was recorded in China, amounting to 3,213, followed by Italy, with 2,158 deaths and nearly 28,000 injured.

In Spain, the number of casualties reached 8,744 in the latest official census. The country recorded about a thousand new infections within 24 hours, while the number of deaths rose from 288 on Sunday to 297 Monday, according to a new toll announced by the authorities. Fernando Simon, the emergency health coordinator at the National Health Center, said the number of confirmed cases is 8744. But this increase in the number of cases indicates a slowdown because about 2,000 cases were observed between Saturday and Sunday.

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