Paul Pogba donates to children infected with coronavirus

Paul Pogba
Pogba launches a donation campaign to help children infected with the Coronavirus

French star Paul Pogba, Manchester United's first-team soccer player, has announced the creation of a fundraising page and pledged financial support for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to help children who have been infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

And the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that Pogba launched after he reached the age of 27 today, Sunday, a fundraising campaign on the occasion of his birthday "to help in efforts to eradicate the Corona virus."

The French international confirmed that he would double the donation if the donations reached his goal of 27,000 pounds.

"The impact of widespread disease, especially on poor and vulnerable children, can be enormous," the player wrote.

He added: "It is my birthday, and I am grateful that I, my family and friends are in good shape. However, not everyone is in good health now. At times like this we must cooperate together."

The money will be used to provide disposable gloves, masks and safety goggles for health workers.

On his 26th birthday, Pogba collected £ 7,360 for the Clean Water Charitable Organization.

Image source: Reuters

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