1.4% of people with corona died in Wuhan on China

1.4% of people with corona died in Wuhan
Doctors in the ICU unit of a Wuhan Hospital take care of patients with the Coronavirus

A study showed that the new coronavirus for clients killed 1.4% of people who were infected in the Chinese city of Wuhan (the outbreak from which it spread to the world last December), which is much lower than current global estimates.

The world is witnessing an increase in the investigation of cases of "Covid 19", as it exceeded 200 thousand confirmed cases of the virus since its first appearance in the Chinese city late last year.

3.4% proportion of health organization

And WHO reports this month that the death rate from the virus is 3.4% of confirmed cases.

However, with limited screening capabilities and likely confirmed cases to be the only more serious cases (they are not monitored with the disease who do not show symptoms or show mild symptoms), many experts point out that the real death rate is less than the 3.4%.

To date, the team of researchers has reviewed eight public and private data sources on the Coruna virus in Wuhan, and Anton has found a more accurate mortality estimate.

This study includes data on confirmed cases of infection whose owners had no contact with the fish market from which the epidemic originated, and confirmed cases of air travelers. The study determines the age distribution of confirmed cases and deaths and the time between illness and death.

The researchers found that the chances of dying after showing "Covid 19" symptoms were 1.4%.

As of February 29, China had recorded 79,394 confirmed cases of the virus and 2,838 deaths, which means that 3.54% of those diagnosed with the disease died.

However, the researchers said that the data did not include the less severe cases or during which there were few symptoms or no symptoms in the patient. They indicated that their estimates are a better way to look at the virus and the problems it poses.

The study, led by Joseph Wu, a prominent epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong, reviewed the role age plays in the probability of death.

The exact percentage for each age group

It showed that, compared to those between the ages of 30 and 59, those over the age of 59 were more likely to die 5.1 times after infection.

Those under the age of 30 years are 60% less likely to die.

The researchers concluded that the risk of moderate to severe infection with the virus increases by about 4% per year among adults between the ages of 30 and 60 years.

Wu said he hoped his estimates would help decision-makers take appropriate measures while many European countries were suffering from closures.

"Estimating observed and unobserved cases is important for the purposes of developing and evaluating public health strategies that must be adopted and taking into account the economic, social, and personal liberties costs," Wu wrote.

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