Coronavirus and animal Pangolins in China

Coronavirus and animal Pangolins in China

Coronavirus and animal Pangolins in China

Scientists researched the source of the pandemic spread in China called the Coron virus, and researches revealed that the pangolin is the source of this virus, an endangered creature that feeds on ants and is a type of cortical mammals and also imports in large numbers to China for food.

This animal has three varieties named as one family by the name of Manidae: Manis, Smutsia and Phataginus, and all these varieties are threatened with extinction, The market where this animal is sold is a very big market in China. Researchers feel confused and ask whether it is better for this animal to carry the disease or not? If it carries the virus, this reduces market trafficking and gradually becomes extinct.

It is not clear whether or not Pangolin is the one that transmitted the Coronavirus infection. Because researchers believe that bats are the main source of the virus. If the Pangolin is a virus carrier, this is considered a middle. However, some cases of this animal have already been discovered.

Therefore, scientists who specialize in researching this type of virus have expressed disappointment that they cannot disclose their information to the public because they are not sure that the Pangolin animal is the main carrier of the Coronavirus or the bat animal?

The researchers also have to combine two very important things, which are the details of genetic research and follow the path of the virus’s condition, to be fully aware of what is happening with the coronavirus. They should know how many animals are present in the human market and check them for possibly also carriers of the virus.

The disease has been discovered in individuals who are always reluctant to markets that sell animals, and this confirms the theory of Dr. Jonathan Epstein, Vice President of Science and Communication at ecohealth alliance.
Dr. Jonathan Epstein explained
Dr. Jonathan Epstein explained

Pets in Chinese Huanan seem to have been taken care of because they are carrying the virus, despite reports from China that these animals do not carry the virus and all reports are negative.

The researchers discovered that infection with the SARS virus was from a Palm rests animal, and they also found that the camels carry the Coronavirus. In both cases, they found that the virus was originally from the bat, which in turn fed on the blood of animals. Where the virus is transmitted in this way and then transmitted to people by eating animal meat or eating the bat itself.

Researchers from China published a report in October 2019 documenting that Pangolins could potentially be a suitable environment for coronavirus transport.

Also on Friday, 02-02-2020, a Chinese news agency called Xinhuanet reported that a virus has been discovered inside the pangolin by 100% by researchers at the University of Southern China.
Also, this virus has sickened more than 8,000 people so far and killed more than 2000 people.

Biologist Matthew Wong published an analysis done in his laboratory, saying that pangolin and bats carry this virus because of the virus in both they share the same way it infects the cells of the human body. So they believe that pangolin spread the virus to other animals in the wild.

CITES also tweeted on the social media platform, Twitter. Saying

The people's reactions were sympathetic to this animal:

In conclusion, we can say that it requires sufficient information about the transmission of the virus from this animal to humans.

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